Kukla Tracking

Our client Robert Kukla GmbH is a medium-sized logistics company, based in Munich, which is engaged in the worldwide transportation of containers.


The client previously stored transport orders and data in Excel files, which were only accessible to Kukla employees. However, a number of other associates (such as agents of other shipping companies, ship owners, etc.) involved in the transport process were not able to enter additional information directly into the Excel files, so they had to contact employees of the client by phone or fax. Therefore, the client searched for an IT provider to develop a new application that would allow all parties access to relevant information about the shipment. Our client also demanded daily synchronization of application data with the Excel files.

Our analysis

First we identified the requirements based on consultations with the client. Then we created a simple UML model and application prototype which was used as the basis for development of the GUI. After approval from the client, we started the implementation phase.

Our solution

Due to the nature of the business (the need for simple and fast data access for all parties) we chose a web-based solution incorporating Java technology. During the development we placed emphasis on clarity, ease of use, accuracy and data security for different users. We used the open source web frameworks Tapestry, Hibernate ORM, and Spring. Data is stored in a relational database MySQL. To synchronize application data and Excel files we used Apache POI.


We were able to develop a bespoke application that met the full requirements of the client. It allows employees to work effectively and efficiently thus saving the client time and money.

Screenshot of Kukla Tracking application