Long-term software development

We deliver a solution that significantly improve the key parameters of your business: profitability, product and service quality and steady growth.

We develop customized information systems carefully designed to meet our clients‘ exact requirements, and the specifics of their business field. Using well-established and well-tested open-source technologies, our products are easily expandable, serviceable, stable and platform independent.

During system development we offer the customer the possibility of continuous control of the whole process, and testing of the finished parts of the system. This way the clien takes part in the system development, gets the feel of working with the application and receives immediate updates according to their feedback.

Our bespoke solutions are usually cheaper than off-the-shelf products that require additional customization as well as on-going maintenance and licencing fees.

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Pan-European system for sending shipments with different carriers. The requirement was to create a complete ecosystem for a universal mail order agency:

  • Create a FrontEnd application
  • create BackEnd application
    • billing
    • customer management system
    • ERP
    • tight integration with third-party systems
      • integration with carrier systems (DHL, UPS, TNT, DPD,…)
      • billing systems
      • automatic data exports
  • creating a webservice application (universal SOAP API) for customers
  • creating a Business Intelligence application
  • specific implementation and customization of the system for large customers (Stihl, Daimler, General Electric,…)
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Monet +

AirBank, CSOB, Czech Savings Bank

  • backend services for secure and multi-factor transaction authentication and authorization
  • backend services for mobile banking of these banking houses


  • product solution for user authentication and transaction authorization for cloud deployment
  • authentication methods for secure logical access to complex IT systems

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