Software Product Development

With over 15 years of experience in software product development, we have proven to be a reliable outsourcing partner. In our offshore development center, we deliver full-cycle software development services in a variety of technology stacks and business domains.

We analyze customer's needs

We strive to find the optimal solution for each application from the customer's perspective. In this consideration, we take into account the required functionality, future expansion options and the estimated cost of developing the solution.

These orders will be handled by specialists who have experience with several large projects from different fields.

We develop applications

Development of complex software systems usually takes some time, during which we consult the customer with aspects of the final product for maximum satisfaction - user interface design, implementation phase, etc.

We make the most of new open source technologies that have a range of benefits - they are proven, generally royalty free, and have full control over their use.

We integrate applications

The benefits of bespoke software are multiplied if the system is well integrated with other systems - such as accounting and billing systems, production automation, customer, supplier and partner systems, etc.

The ways of integration are very diverse - often it is possible to exchange data via REST or SOAP API, but it is also possible to read and write files via (S) FTP and file systems in general, communicate with email servers, etc.

We test

You can rely on the fact that each part of our systems we develop is regularly tested several times to eliminate any problems not only during the use of the system, but also to minimize the risks of long-term operation.

As outputs, we are able to provide detailed test reports generated by our test tools and robots that cover system functionality, test performance and continuously check for stability.

We care

Handing over a functional unit does not end our responsibility for problem-free long-term system operation. We provide full warranty and support for our products throughout their lifetime.

We will be happy to offer you a maintenance program that includes concern for production (runtime) platforms and data storage - databases, file systems, etc.

Will we cooperate ?

We believe that we have convinced you of our qualities.

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