Knowledge = Quality Software

Our knowledge and experience are crucial not only for the development of complex software systems, but also for their easy and cheap maintenance and trouble-free expansion according to the customer's wishes.

Development of integrated custom software solutions

We not only develop the system exactly to your requirements, but also integrate it into your existing infrastructure as much as possible to save your valuable resources.

Business Intelligence / Big Data

Quality data outputs for proper decision making and planning. Even if you have a lot of different data we can handle it and provide you with the right analytical information in just a few clicks.

Software QA and Testing

Products developed by us are before application in production tested several times by unit, regression and performance tests to eliminate occurrence of errors and performance problems.

Development of Microservices and API

Microservices are a powerful assistant for easy system maintenance. The Universal API allows you to automate processes across applications.

Consultancy in the field of customized software

Do you need your own software solution and don't know how best to do it? We will be happy to advise you quickly or prepare an initial analysis that will guide you to the right strategic decision.

Application development - subcontracting

If you are looking for resources to develop parts of the system that you do not have the capacity for, we will be happy to help. We are ready to provide a guarantee for our subcontracting.

Technology used

Backend & Frontend

Java, J2EE, Kotlin

Spring Core, Spring Boot

JPA (Hibernate/MyBatis)

REST, REST Reactive

SOAP, Pentaho ETL

Jasper Reports


Kafka, Kafka Streams

ZooKeeper, RabitMQ

Angular, ExpresJS

VueJS, JQuery

DevOps & Agile

Maven, Git

Jenkins (Pipeline)

Gitlab (Pipeline)

Docker, Kubernetes

ELK - Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana

IaaC - Helm, Kustomize, Jsonnet, Tanka, ArgoCD, Terraform


QA & Testing

JUnit, Mockito, AssertJ


Selenium, Selenoid


SonarQube, Cucumber

Postman, Cypress

Appium, JMeter

Prometheus, Loki

Grafana, Gridlastic


Target platforms

AWS, MS Azure

Tomcat, Netty


Wildfly, JBoss


BigData & Database

Pentaho BI Suite

MySQL, MariaDB

PosgreSQL, Oracle



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